Apr 2020

Amazing Professor. He is very encouraging, but does give some great feedback. The class was Senior Fiction Workshop, so the class writing was so much more polished, therefore their feedback was better. But LaValle himself doesn't just give you general feedback, or too technical. He helps you with the craft of writing. The way you need to think and choices you need to make in order to be a better writer.

May 2003

So I thought I was doing well in Noemi's class throughout the semester- all I got back on the assignments that I handed in were checks and "goods" written all over them. Then on the final grade I got a B. I still haven't figured out why. It appears as if Noemi randomly tosses the die in giving a grade - I certainly wasn't expecting the grade that I received - it wasn't based on any of her comments without the semester. I still haven't figured out whether my writing actually improved as a result of her class. No idea. Weird class.

Jan 2000

Do anything to avoid taking a writing class with this woman. She's very sweet, but she really can't transmit any sort of knowledge at all. Classes consist of her handing out mangled photocopies of famous authors' writings, then directing the class to notice how the author does a or b. If I wanted a class in close reading of texts, I would have been an English major!! What's worse, her analysis of student's works consist of either, "This goes well," or "work some more"....