3353 Spanish Lit/Culture: Medieval to the Golden Age

Jan 2005

Michael Agnew, not surprisingly (considering his status as head of the Spanish department), is one of the most knowledgeable professors I've ever had. He will positively blow you away with his extensive grasp of about five different varieties of pre-1492 Spanish dialects as well as cultural and historical context. His passion for the literature abounds, and his energy definitely transfers over into his involvement in the class. He would write comments almost as lengthy as the essays we wrote for him. All of his work is thorough and, more importantly, sincere. For all his knowledge, he is in no way patronizing or condescending. He really sympathizes with any diffculties his students encounter and even offers anecdotes about his own feelings of inadequacy "at your age." He's a really great man and a fascinating lecturer. Take this class and, furthermore, if he offers extra credit again, take him up on it! Michael is an exemplary professor, and what he could be flaunting in self-aggrandizement he offers in the form of genuine help and concern.