Lost World, Secret Spaces: The Child and Modernity

Dec 2011

Of all my classes this semester, I learned the most from this class. I never intentionally skipped this class, and that says a lot for a large lecture course. Ivy will give you a good background in theory without scaring you away from it. There is an inhumane amount of reading, but you can space it out over the semester. The lectures are still helpful even if you're behind in the reading. She's a good grader and gives do-able exams.

Jan 2005

While some people think Ivy is great, I do not agree. Having taken two classes with her, I do not think that she is a good professor. I cannot comment on her abilities as a researcher or theorist, but I did not feel that she was able to really explain the complexities of the topics that we were dealing with in class. So many of her comments seemed to be either very self-evident, or impossibly inscrutable. I did learn a lot in both classes, but it was through my own efforts with the texts. She does not lead discussion effectively, and did not do a good job of balancing lecturing with questions.