Aesthetics Under Seige: The Frankfurt School

Jan 2005

Professor Huyssen is, without a doubt, a great mind, but more importantly he also teaches a great class. His lectures are quite organized, if overlong, and do a great job of explaining the material. If I were to describe Huyssen in a word, it would be precise. He doesn’t deal in vagaries or bullshit, which can be refreshing. However, his teaching style was never demeaning or pompous, always accommodating. Also, he is a profoundly serious (and to make a generalization, German) person, which makes his exceedingly lame jokes (when noting that he had fallen behind on the syllabus: “I’m sorry, I guess you could describe my time management as decidedly pre-Fordist” <roaring laughter from class>) seem, to me at least, quite funny and endearing. Definitely a recommended prof.