Wasteland: Environment, Technology, and the Modern Landscape

Jan 2005

Overall a bad class. After the first week, half of the original 12 people had dropped the class; I would have if I didn't need it to fulfill a requirement for graduation. Of the six remaining people in the class, no one knew anything about each other or the direction of the class. She never took the time to introduce each student, or even find out our majors and other information that might contribute to the meaningfulness of class discussions, especially in such a small group. She does not call on anybody or pose provocative questions to catylize discussion. Instead class was marked by long periods of silence where she waited for people to contribute, which rarely happened. She seems knowledgeable, though in what I am not sure. On rare occations when we looked at images, she seemed very competant about breaking them down for discussion. All readings were from a small reader, after reading which she required a page single spaced response for each class. A guiding question might not have been too much to ask to attempt to have the class thinking on similar terms which might have created at atmosphere for discussion. She is devoted, and wants to meet with students, though when in her office, she doesn't have much to say. Overall, di Palma seems very smart and willing, but unable to commendeer a engaging class.