V3353, Spanish Language and Culture: Medieval to Golden Age

Jan 2005

Michael Agnew rocks my world. Girls, look out. You WILL have a crush on him, at least temporarily. He's brilliant but just the slightest bit unsure of himself which is so cute. You can never be wrong in his class because he will take your sloppy answer and make it relevant to the discussion. He will ALWAYS find time to meet with you in office hours, and he is accessible via e-mail if you prefer that. His comments on your essays and original poetry are extensive, so you can tell that he really took time and read your work. (The flip-side of this is that you cannot bullshit too much, because he will see it and call you out, gently though.) My only complaint is that he did not manage the overwhelming number of readings very well. We spent 3 or four classes on Poema de mio Cid, and two or three other readings, and then had to rush through everything else, and even had to cut a few things. But he told us he is petitioning to adjust the workload to five main readings and some poetry, which would be about right. Also the class is a little too big, but he's working on that too. Overall, he is wonderful. Oh and after a time, you will see that he is goofy and your crush will wain, but you will still think he's great. Take his class.