German V1101

Oct 2020

Jutta is a great introductory German teacher. She answers every question without ridiculing and prompts participation from all students. She is also extremely knowledgeable (native to Germany). She also shares fun little tidbits about her life in Germany and is very caring about her students (ex. celebrates every class birthday). The class is very enjoyable and not too hard at all. Assignments, even larger ones like projects are not hard and are explained in great detail. Jutta also gives very thorough corrections even on the smallest homework exercises.

Mar 2008

Simona is the best. She's fun and cute and she makes the whole process of learning German really easy. She is also perhaps the most generous grader of all time. She's just an all around great lady. If you see that she is teaching 1101 or 1102 TAKE THAT CLASS!!!

Mar 2004

Jutta is wonderful! She has a great sense of humor and is very patient. She really got us to speak a lot of German in class and we even watched a Marlene Dietrich film. I found her explanations helpful... overall, I enjoyed the class!

Dec 2003

Brien was a very good teacher. He really knows german well and is possibly the most excited teacher I've ever had. He bounces around the room miming all the german words to help you understand without him having to explain in English. This like most CU language courses is an immersion German, so even though he's got an Irish accent in English, you rarely hear it. Great Class, choose him if you can.

Jan 2000

He's an extremely happy, extremely forgiving, extremely engaging teacher. You could scout around for less course work, but I'm not sure you'd find as good a teacher.