Story Writing

May 2006

I have to disagree with previous reviewers and say they sound like brainwashed kiss-ups anyway. Professor Gordon is not that great. First of all, I found her ideas about writing to be narrow and old-fashioned. All the model authors she had us read were earlier 20th century Christian white ladies (she has a strange "mission" to have people read these forgotton white ladies who have been scratched off reading lists in favor of South American writers and other such "diversity"). She doesn't care if this writing doesn't actually represent or reflect everyone's experience. She also has a narrow concept of what makes good writing and is obsessed with paragraphs of boring visual description...she doesn't understand why such fiction has become so unpopular! Lastly, I found her personality to be prickly and unfriendly. She's definately not understanding. There is a group of very similar people who think she's "brilliant" and take her class every semester, but if you have any of your own diverging opinions, stay away. I think some people were alienated from participating in the class and she doesn't care. She is arrogant as previous reviewers have noted.

Mar 2005

She more than deserves her reputation. She is a great mentor, a great professor, and a great writer with a discerning eye. She is honest and good at teaching writing, which is often not the case for many published authors. Definitely, absolutely take a class with her if you can.

Jan 2005

I absolutely adore and worship this woman. Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant. The class is a bit intimidating, as each week 2 students submit a story to be critiqued by the class the next week, but Professor Gordon is hilarious and wonderful. Only take this class if you are a serious writer, but if you are you will learn a ton and come out a better writer.