Organic Chemistry Lecture Fall 2005

Jan 2005

I hereby swear to solemnly take any class Peter Park TAs- even if it is urban street polo on rollerblading horses because I am certain that he would be able to teach it to me. I was failing Orgo and B'ed it at the end only because Peter Park helped me through zen email assistance and cheerleading pound the means of the last two exams. I would marry the dude If I could-- his handouts are terrific, he holds extra office hours before exams (EVEN ON WEEKENDS). HE WILL ANSWER YOUR QUESTIONS IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT WHEN YOU SEND DESPERATION EMAILS. Don't be stupid and take another orgo class and pay some tutor $50 an hour to help you- take any class Peter ta's and reap the benefits of having him as your tutor.