Intro to Film Studies

Dec 2006

Marie Regan is an obsessive compulsive who worries more about reaffirming her own OPINION on cinema, than teaching anything new or facilitating students to think "outside the box". Professor Regan would make exclamations in class that were just wrong. For example she claimed the first steadicam was used in Kubrick's "The Shining", but it was introduced first in "Wolfin'". She fails to point out that Hitchcock didn't win an Oscar, but his film, "Rebecca" won best picture. She also has a thing about noise, students running late, and she loves to yell at the projectionist. She tells students to move a light dry erase board rather than do it herself. If you speak in class, you'll get a good participation grade, but beware...always repeat what she has said--she doesn't like you having your own theory. Stick to saying "gaze" a lot and "dialectical montage" and you'll be fine. If you love film, this class will suck that passion right out from you. Her TAs seem to be pretty whipped by her and they will not accept any grade challenges on papers or exams, period. If you're a film major, then you HAVE to take this course...but if you're not...skip it and take a film seminar in Anthropology or'll be glad you did. If anything, avoid this 3-credits-only-for-a-5-hour- class as much as humanly possible. Especially with Regan at the helm.

Feb 2005

I disagree with some of the previous reviews. He is definitely NOT boring and he seems to be extremely excited about his classes. He tries to give you a full picture of cinema and he does not impose his views on the students. He is also extremely patient, and he respects everybody's opinions. Nonetheless, he does not lose control over his huge classes. I really loved this class.