Jazz Dance I

Oct 2010

It was not the best dance class that I ever took, but I did enjoy it and felt that I learned. HOwever, I think her grading is ridiculous. I missed one class the whole semester and ended up with a B+. It's an intro course in DANCE. I realize that sometimes teachers in these fields feel that they need to try to justify themselves as being academic or difficult by being j*rks about grades, but come on. I came to class, I was serious about it and I participated to the full extent of my abilities. I think that is the most that you can expect from a student at the Intro level. To punish people for not being professional dancers in an intro course, seems to show that she is insecure about herself and needs to grade tough to prove something.

Mar 2005

She is overly critical and condescending in my opinion. Apparenly this class is harder to do well in than orgo. You learn one routine all semester and stretch the rest of the semester. She also has favorites and if you are not one of them WATCH OUT