20th c. Russian lit

Jun 2005

This class is no joke. First, the professor plays favorites and grades based on those preferences, with no mercy including the final grade. Kashper cares little for your opinion because she only teaches what she feels is the most important and crucial point in every piece of literature that you read. The benefit of this class is that you learn alot and you read alot. Moreover, you really have a good overview of how literature developed in Russia durign the 20th century. The downside is writting more than you ever would want and making yourself go crazy for trying to get on Kashper's good side, which does not exist.

Mar 2005

BEWARE -- she is outrageously awful! This woman doesn't have the barest inkling of how to teach a class. Instead of provoking some kind of meaningful discussion about the incredibly interesting books we were reading, she simply turned the class into a war zone where the two or three people with agendas yelled at each other. I learned NOTHING. Oh, and the grading? So arbitrary, you'd think you were back in L&R. Do not take this class.