Lit Hum, Intro to Spanish Film

Dec 2018

The reason Columbia has a super high suicide rate is Professors like Eliza. Very stressful class. Eliza's a successful professor but she's inconsiderate and lacks the human touch you ought to expect from LitHum Professors

Apr 2005

I had Ms. Amann for Lit Hum and Spanish Film my freshman year. Very warm and accessible, and extremely smart. Often she is over everyone's head, as she prepares extensively for every class. Usually gives a 20-40 minute "lecture" with few digressions which is easily to follow if (and only if!) you have done the reading/movie watching. She is definitely one of the best Lit Hum teachers, being very interested in the reading, and in control of the class. Her Spanish (Italian, English, maybe more...) is impecable, and she does a great job teaching spanish film. That class is really amazing. The movies are great, and you really feel like you know spanish culture and twentieth century history by the end of the semester.