Junior/Senior Seminar

Dec 2020

* course was immersive so I'm sure this will be different when Rona's over The most important thing to do was the reading. Professor Becher really just seems like she wants her students to participate and know that they're doing the reading. The reading was like 50 pages a class (2-3 pdfs) Becher was really vague with assignments. I personally liked it because it gave you the freedom within the class texts to choose which ones spoke to you and write about them how you wanted, but many students found this difficult. Becher wasn't the best at explaining and at times seemed like a harsh grader. My advice? talk to her before you turn it in. overall, 7/10

Jan 2012

Wiggins is a man of two faces. In class he had a dry humor, could put together a lecture at the last minute (if a presenter, say, didn't show), and was often helpful in guiding senior presentations in class-- either by correcting a student's incorrect equation or keeping a student focused on the subject matter. But behind the scenes he was often condescending, unprofessional, and unhelpful. He would forget your name within minutes of meeting you (in seminars, you expect a little personal attention), would respond to emails sarcastically, and generally just wouldn't give you the time of day. Brilliant guy, for sure, but not nugget-worthy.

May 2005

Chris is a great professor for this seminar. He clearly knows almost every topic inside and out, and he can produce on-the-spot and in-depth examples to illustrate points. He gets a bit technical sometimes, but if you're majoring or minoring in Applied Math, you should be used to it. The presenters and topics vary greatly in interest and public speaking ability, but most are worth hearing, and Chris does a really good job of tying everything together. He's extremely friendly and approachable, and won't hesitate to give you extended feedback, extra explanation, or any other kind of pointers if you ask him for them. You get out of the class what you put into it; everything won't appeal to you, but the broad exposure to careers and research is invaluable.

Apr 2005

I am graduating this year and have had Prof. Wiggins for multiple semesters of seminar and have found him to be extremely intelligent, helpful, and approachable individual - he gives great advice not only for math, but also for advice on research, classes, and jobs. The class is an opportunity to learn a great deal about a variety of mathematical techniques as well as to be exposed to a multitude of career options with a background in applied mathematics e.g. ibanking, consulting, trading, grad school, research. Prof. Wiggins makes sure that everyone is involved in the lectures and presentations and does not leave anyone behind. He's on a first name basis with all students - and is always polite, friendly, and super respectful with everybody. I learned a lot math in the class, but more importantly, seminar was a terrific opportunity for me to decide on my next step with an education in applied mathematics.

Nov 2004

As a junior, nothing is required of you. It is a one-point pass/fail class. Attendance is not taken regularly, maybe Chris recognizes some people, but I don't think he knows every junior's name. Sometimes the class has an interesting speaker, but the student speakers are often uninteresting or poorly prepared.