Jewish Women Writers

Dec 2009

A lot of what has been said here is true-- Professor Klepfisz has a super interesting personal history, and is a huge wealth of knowledge on second wave feminism, feminist literature, and Jewish studies. She will certainly challenge you and brings a lot to the table. That being said, she is more than a little rough around the edges. She is a tough grader and has clear standards of what she wants to hear and is not flexible in interpretation. If you say something that deviates from her opinions, she will call you out on this. Sometimes this is fine because you are just plain wrong, but sometimes this stifles class conversation and creates an atmosphere that can be intimidating. The reading was a mixed bag-- some really great stuff, but as the course went on the quality of writing diminished. Really cool field trip to the Brooklyn Museum that should not be missed, we watched a couple of movies which was fun, and she even called up a couple of her writer friends who came into our class to speak with us. You definitely don't have to be Jewish to take this class. If you have never taken a women's studies class or a literature class, just be prepared to be criticized. If you're well-versed in at least one of those disciplines, you'll be fine.

Apr 2005

Prof Klepfisz is an absolute gem of a professor who I was so, so glad to have. This course was fabulous--great books that really focused on a different aspect of Jewish culture each week, and Prof. Klepfisz takes very little BS in discussion--she's smart, and she'll shut you down if you're making a dumb comment, which is what I feel is lacking in so many classes. Plus, she is a Second-Wave feminist through and through, has great insight (and friends) involved in the Second Wave Jewish feminist movement, has great stories, and is so, so smart and willing to listen--I love her and this class, learned so much, added great new titles to my bookshelf, and really enjoyed the 2 hour seminar!