3071- Inorganic Chemistry

Dec 2014

This is a class for people who love chemistry and people who are chem majors. Not that anyone would take it on a whim. I worked harder than I have in my life for this class and did very well. Some concepts came naturally to me, but there are others I still don't understand. The first part of the class (up to the midterm) introduced point groups and covered main group chemistry: periodic trends, drawing lewis diagrams using natural resonance theory, and molecular orbital diagrams. The second half covered transition metal chemistry: more MO diagrams, electron counting, and some organometallic chemistry. Final was cumulative but focused more on the TM stuff. About Jon Owen: while he is a great teacher, he is not the best person to go to if you have specific questions. If you have a question about the grading or a nitpicky thing from the notes, fine. Asking him a conceptual question will lead to a 30 minute long answer that is very interesting and ultimately useless. Talk to the TA or other students instead. He's a great lecturer and the notes were usually pretty well organized (and he has great handwriting). The second half of the course was a bit rushed and much less focused. I'm pretty sure Prof. Owen didn't cover all the material he meant to. Pset questions are much harder than class examples, exam questions are somewhere in between. Sometimes molecules are taken from recently published literature. Find a study group or at least someone to talk through answers with. But do all the psets with intent! They are the only practice you will get for the exam!

Apr 2005

Truly one of the best profs i have had in the department, and definitely the most approachable! He truly cares about his students, and loves looking at our puzzled little faces as he tells us chemistry as we knew it in high school is A LIE!! Lectures are interesting, and it is easy to fall behind, but not hard to catch up either, if you 've got the chemist in you... Once i emailed him to ask a small question, and ended up going to his office and staying there for over 5 hours-- and it felt like minutes! He (and i) love chemistry, and he will most definitely fulfill your every curiosity in a very excited way! I loved this class so much. Highly recommended :-)