IEOR 3600 - Intro to Probability and Statistics

Apr 2012

This guy is an excellent teacher, the book is great, the grading breakdown is fair, and particularly advantageous to those who DON'T cheat on their homework, and DO make a concerted effort to learn the material well. Prof Sigman is not too great at looking for questions. He will sometimes ask "any questions on that?" while erasing the board and not turn around to look (especially if he's been moving fast, which he usually does). If you're bold enough to use your voice, he won't ignore you or anything. He's a nice guy. He usually gets us out early, which people have mixed feelings about from my understanding. Anyway, hard class but great class. Listen closely and you will learn a lot...this guy knows his stuff.

May 2010

Professor Liu is one of the best teachers I've ever had. He genuinely cares about you learning the material and not about grades. His lectures are very clear and he does a lot of examples so that you learn the material really well. People may say that he's not a great teacher but that's probably because they didn't go to class. (It was at 9:10.) I definitely recommend going to class even if it's early. He's also very understanding and often asks his students for input about exam dates and grading. For the midterm, we all had a bunch of other exams on the same day so he gladly postponed his exam by a week. Also, a question on a quiz was difficult so he made that question count less and put more weight on an easier question. He even gave us till 12:25 for the final that was from 9 to 12! The quizzes and exams are all open book, notes, everything except for a laptop. But I warn you, they are challenging! There are also recitations each and the TAs are supposed to review all the homework questions. One TA was super awesome and did everything but the other was more lazy. But Liu could be found any time in his office and he will gladly put down anything he has to do to help you with anything. According to Liu, "our policy is to be lenient with homework" and "I think I'll curve to a B+/A-." So he clearly wants everyone to do well. And I think I've learned more in this class than any other. In short, I wish all of my professors could be Liu.

Oct 2009

Terrible, Terrible, and Terrible. she is extremely condescending - refuses to explain complex material in ways easier to understand. Told the class that she was "not afraid to fail many of us" if we didnt perform better. Horrible teacher for a class that shouldnt be that difficult. Avoid her at all costs.

May 2008

Sigman is such a nice guy. He is very soft spoken, so you will have tune your ears if you want to hear him. His lectures are somewhat disorganized, going from one board to another. I had a really hard time keeping up with him. Most of the times I am lost since he doesn't specify what he is doing. For someone who have never taken probability and statistics, those class may be a bit challenging at first. But read the textbook and it should be fine. The textbook (and the class) emphasizes applications instead of theory. So there's more problem solving and crunching equations than doing proofs. Sigman's midterm and final are open book and open notes, in addition to being very straightforward. If you study well and know how to do the hw, you're pretty much going to do decently on his exams.

Apr 2005

The course itself is quite challenging if you have not done a AP stat course in high school. It covers a lot of material rather quickly and it sometimes gets quite confusing. Having said that, Karl Sigman is a very talented lecturer. He is extremely articulate and really knows his stuff. His lectures, too, are extremely well organized and this was the only class where I had a 100% attendance. The exams are open notes and open book and so, it really helps if you go to class. This is especially true right before finals week when he tends to go over a few of the exam questions. So, overall, Sigman is a good choice.