Biology 1001 Lab

Nov 2014

Dr. Heller is a wonderful lab instructor and i disagree with all the negative reviews previously written. I look forward to bio lab every week because she is so kind and caring. She has a genuine love for biology which is evident in the way she looks out for all of her students to ensure we understand the experiments. She creates a very relaxed and chilled out environment in the lab which allows for casual conversation as well as stimulating discussions. Personally i have major problems with computers and statistical analysis but without hesitation she is willing to help. She doesn't expect your experiments to be flawless and understands if you mess up a bit. All around great experience and i'd recommend taking her section.

May 2012

Professor Heller is the worst teacher. I took this class because it was supposed to be meant for students who just wanted to get through the lab science requirement. Professor Heller would send out the notes the day before with huge pieces missing and then read the slides. I would be so busy copying the notes that I didn't hear anything she said. It was also really hard to study for the exams because there was no way to know what kinds of questions she would ask. Every exam the average was between a C- and a B-, you would think that would tip her off to the fact that no one was understanding her but she doesn't seem to realize or mind.