Intermediate Italian I

Dec 2020

Lou rocks! He is very accessible, understanding, and an excellent teacher. He loves the subject matter, which absolutely comes through his lessons. I felt like I not only learned a lot of Italian but also gained a deeper understanding of Italian culture and what younger Italians think. Such a fun class.

Nov 2006

Failla is a great professor. He really focuses on your ability to speak the language above and beyond the exercises in the books, teaching us colloquial sayings (and even a few useful swears). Above all this he really is a fun guy who made our gruesome time slot much more palatable. His energy keeps you engaged for the brutally long class.

Jan 2005

Amazing Italian teacher, sweetest lady ever. Workload standard to any intro language course. Spoke english rarely. Some busy work, not too many compositions. I highly recommend her.

Jan 2005

Daniela is an incredibly fun professor to have. She was raised in Italy, so she clearly knows the language, yet she always speaks so that her students can (generally) follow along. But more importantly, she keeps the class lively and fun. If you're taking a class that she's teaching, sign up for her section.

Nov 2004

Scott Failla is a great teacher. He's always in a good mood. He makes sure that everyone participates. He has lots of interesting ways to teach us what we need to know and also all about Italy and its culture. He's really a great guy and always understand, and all of us in his class love him

Jan 2004

Prof. Gozzi is a good instructor. She is pretty organized, and has a nice personality. I thought that her best quality was that she dedicated a significant amount of class time to explaining the topics covered in the textbook. Course content was basically a repeat of Beginning II, but went more in depth.

Oct 2003

She is an amazing professor. I never once saw Kristina in a bad mood and when I came to class sleepy she was always peppy which cheered me up. She is funny and joyful. She is an excellent teacher who makes every concecpt clear in a step-by-step fashion. She is always available to answer questions and is more than willing to give you extra help if needed. She is 100% amazing, there was not ONE SINGLE THING that bothered me about her. Her teaching methods are simply excellent.

Dec 2001

So Bellati can be genuinely funny sometimes. He's personable, he's ridiculous, but he's also irresponsible and disorganized. He doesn't collect homework, I'm not sure what he bases his grades on. He plays favorites very obviously and it can be truly obnoxious sometimes. He also picks on people, and will often humiliate kids in class over silly things. I found that very trying. I don't think he tries to be mean, but he's Italian and he can't help being "irreverent." He will also randomly forget your name, make you memorize passages off Dante, and generally bumble around. His class can be fun, but it's not one I learnt a great deal from. He's a native Italian speaker, and it seems like he would be a great teacher for a class on Dante, but he's obviously not good at teaching basic Italian. He can't explain how to use grammar correctly, because it just comes to him naturally. Not a great intermediate level teacher.

Jan 2000

Signor Bellati is, well, kind of crazy. On the first day of class, he stressed the importance of being nosy (under the auspices of learning the Italian language and carrying on a decent conversation...but still). He's very enthusiastic and completely irreverent, although his rather frequent mood swings make for some interesting classes. Basically, it's difficult to tell when he's being facetious and when he's being a loopy Venetian. He can certainly make the class laugh, but he can also be rather harsh when it comes to mistakes and hesitations. He certainly isn't above rolling his eyes at a struggling student or openly playing favorites with the exceptionally studious who seem to have nothing better to do with their lives than memorize the Italian textbook.