Senior Seminar: Human Capital Human Freedom

Dec 2012

Lalith Munasinghe has got to be the most obviously self-centered professor I know. The only reason he gets away with it is because he is smart. I read reviews about him before I decided to take this class, and thought that he would be manageable to deal with because he just got back from his tenure, but I was wrong. He still sucks. All of these reviews are true. He interrupts you whenever you are trying to make a point. He tells you to "just stop" and says "nope, next" on to the next student who is trying to answer his incredibly vague questions. He asks the class to do small group presentations on a philosophical reading, and then when you don't present the material the exact way he wants it, he interrupts your presentation and basically makes you feel bad for even talking in the first place. On top of that, he is incredibly inaccessible and makes sure that you know he is a busy person and that his life is busier and more important than yours. At first, he will seem extremely cool and offer to give the class free wine tastings and etc, but he will not follow through. He is incredibly self-centered, doesn't think you're important, and is only teaching this class to make himself feel like he is benefitting humans in the long run; that his class is a gift to us. He sucks.

May 2005

Even though the class met on Thursdays from 6:10-8pm, I looked forward to it every week. Every class was informative, fun, and entertaining. The readings are great and the discussions are even better. You leave every class with a better understanding of the world...I know it sounds weird, but it's true. Trully an enlightening experience. Take this class.