Comparative Constitutional Challenges Affecting African, Latino and Asian Americans

Nov 2016

This class was awesome. Originally for some stupid reason I thought it was a global core class so that's why I signed up, but I ended up staying in it even though it has absolutely no relation to my major because it was so awesome. I really enjoyed the readings and I hate doing any of the readings for normal classes like lit hum or CC. If you're interested in human rights, immigration rights, minority rights this is the class for you. Ouyang is so cool and has done some seriously badass work in her time. She is the smallest little woman but knows her shit so well and is so passionate about her work. The class is very cool and fulfilling and an easy B

Nov 2014

This course is an awesome take for anyone interested in criminal justice, community organizing, immigration, or pretty much any field that has intersections with the law and race & ethnicity. In any given class you'll be discussing multiple federal cases in depth but OuYang is more interested in the forest than the trees. She wants you to have a good understanding of the legal reasoning behind the case, of course but wants you to put it in the context of the history of race & ethnicity in America (past & present) and its relationship to the constitution and courts. She's a strong believer in the power of community organizing and often says that even if a lawyer's legal reasoning is correct (that they have an "ace in the hole" so to speak) it is difficult to achieve major victories without the force of public opinion. As an immigration and disabilities lawyer herself (not to mention the President of the Organization of Chinese Americans - NY) she can point to numerous examples of this happening in practice. All in all the readings are enjoyable and the discussions are engaging. If law and its relationship to social justice interest you this is a course you should take.

May 2005

AMAZING CLASS WITH AN AMAZING PROFESSOR! Not only is she currently practicing civil rights law, but almost every person in this class said it was their best at CU so far. It's great for reading landmark Supreme Court cases and getting used to legalese, etc. If you are at all thinking about law school, especially with intent to go into something along the lines of civil rights law, this is a must-take class. I wish she taught more classes here!