Molecular Biology of Disease

May 2005

It's difficult to find words to correctly describe Pollack. I would venture to say "brilliant" but somehow that term doesn't quite capture him. He is by far the most amazing professor I have had in my four years at Columbia. He is charismatic, patient, and encouraging. Don't let him scare/intimidate you out of the class. Many people drop it because of the fact that he chooses people at random to give presentations. Just go over the readings carefully with special attention to the data. He just wants to see that you put forth effort. If you are wrong, its no big deal and he helps lead you all towards the right answers. I highly suggest taking this class!

May 2002

Pollack is easily the best science professor I've had at Columbia. This class is a must for all pre-meds and Bio or Biochem majors. The papers discussed are really interesting, and he points out things that you never would've noticed on your own. He brings together many concepts that you've learned in other bio and chem courses (and after his class, you'll actually remember them).