Senior research seminar

Sep 2009

Where could I begin? I have taken many courses with Greg and I was BLESSED to have him as my professor for Senior Seminar. He was an inspiration and was always there for me when I was going through ethical struggles during my thesis. Many people complained about this course but I truly believe it was because they had not picked a thesis which they could see themselves working on for an entire year. After many conversations with him and emails going back and forth I found a topic truly inspirational for me at least. I found myself, and I put together something I will always be proud of. For that I thank Greg, for the guidance and support that he gave me. Barnard is not aware of what it has lost, and it is a shame. The whole Urban Studies Department has lost its backbone... Professor Gutfreund, and Smithsimon. I am grateful I was there when the department was at its best.

Sep 2007

I found Professor DiPrete to be unavailable. He was never less than 15 minutes late for our appointments, and was often 30 or even 45 minutes late. Once he didn't show up at all (although I left after waiting 45 minutes so maybe he was just 50 minutes late). During our appointments he would often pick up his cell phone to talk to his kids and several times asked me to leave the room for 15 minutes while he made phone calls. I understand he's busy, but maybe he shouldn't teach a class which requires individual appointments with students if he doesn't really have the time. He is friendly and approachable and gives you the sense that he believes you can succeed. Perhaps he believes a little too much, as he would expect me to figure out complicated STATA stuff on my own which neither the TA for the class nor the Electronic Data Services staff could figure out. If you're planning on doing a project involving large data sets and STATA, I recommend you be comfortable and familiar with it on your own first, and seek out help very early on to see if you can get the help you need.

May 2005

Prof. Diprete is great and understable. He is somewhat flexible in term of paper submission. Although the class requires a lot of independent research Prof. Diprete was very reacheble throughout the course of the semester.