Physics II

Sep 2017

I loved Professor Raymer. He was an amazing physics teacher, so caring, patient.

Sep 2005

Get a tutor/read the book because this man does not know how to teach. Tests aren't easy but definitely easier than Tuts.

May 2005

Some of you prima donna/stereotypical Ivy Leaguers who are complaining that Blaer insults your intelligence with his staightforward exams should probably snap out of it this instant. I'd like to see you take a higher level physics class taught by somebody other than Blaer and see how well you do. Sure enough, you'll come back repentant and wishing you had never acted like little physics prodigies. You're limited intelligence, furthermore, manifests itself in your inability to accurately and objectively assess a professor. You came here to learn, not to show other students what you've got. If you don't like Blaer because he wants to reinforce and resynthesize concepts for everybody in his class, and would instead prefer a professor that makes the top 5% shine without imparting any useful knowledge, then go somewhere else, because it's people like you that make Columbia a laughing stock around other schools.

May 2005

Everyone only likes Blaer because he's ridiculously easy. The exams are a total joke!!! He tells you every problem on the exam the week before. This is cheating!!! Some one should report him to the Honor Council. Furthermore, his lectures are painfully slow for those in the class who are decent at physics. He treats his students like retards. That being said, there is something to be said for the no calculators tests. Because there are no calculations, you tend to know the equations a lot better, rather than perfecting your math skills and I think you get a much better conceptual understanding of Physics, which is really what makes it hard to begin with (the math part isn't so bad). Plus, there are no calculators on the MCATs, so this seemed like a good idea to me.