May 2005

Ok, this guy is ridiculous--after a semester with Breslow, Sames doesn't even compare. He guy totally does not respect students. He didn't show up to the first class, was late repeatedly, and had the TA teach about three classes. The examples he gives in class are the most random and confusing examples possible--contrasting with the simple teaching style of Breslow who actually cares whether or not the students learn in his class. Tests are ridiculous, you might as well not study because barely anyone gets higher than a 60%, and half the material has never been seen by anyone in the class. A large number dropped the class after the 1st midterm. Sames says he intentionally makes the tests as hard as possible--it seems like he's playing a game where he gets to fail as many students as possible. He haphazardly teaches out of the book, skipping around like an unbalanced clown on a tightrope. Occasionally he will do something interesting like go over drug synthesis or dyes, but this is rare and present only at the end of the semester (when half the class is still around because the rest are sleeping). The 3rd midterm and final were easy, but by easy I mean I got about 15 points higher than average. Truly, this class is not for the weakhearted. Premeds are better off taking the general orgo class because a curve is nonexistent in Sames' class.