Jazz Dance III

May 2005

Katiti really, genuinely wants each student to be the best dancer he or she can be. This is fantastic if you are looking for strict technical improvement. This is not so fantastic if you have a problem being constantly called out during class for your mistakes; something that really takes getting used to and can be abrasive at first. There is not a lot of variety in her classes, even in advanced jazz, which I think she would attribute to a desire for depth rather than breadth. Regardless, it can get boring. Most notably, I asked for a syllabus early in the semester after she did not hand them out. I attempted to follow it and had perfect attendance. I still got a B+. So, if you're looking to have fun in a dance class and get a grade that will help your GPA, this is not the class to take, although you probably will be a stronger dancer when you are finished with it.