1st year english (Barnard)

May 2010

This was by far one of the best classes that I have ever taken. I am not a literature major, and I found it to be thoroughly fascinating. Initially, half of the class dropped due to what they considered to be a "long book list". Although we did read quite a bit, it was all worth it. I never thougt that I would be saying this about a literature course. Professor Charles made this class enjoyable and thought provoking. Her understanding of the material, coupled with her enthusiasm for the topics that were discussed made this class something to look forward to. Again, I never in my wildest dreams thought that I would be saying this about a literature course. The rest of the the section had the same opinion. This was one of those classes that you will put a lof of effort into and really feel as if you have learned something and covered new ground. I highly recommend this course, but more importantly, this professor. She really is a phenomenal person.

Jan 2010

As you can tell from all of these reviews, nobody wants to voluntarily take Derrick's class. I was assigned his section and hence had no choice. In the first class, he very proudly announced that all his Culpa reviews are true. I do not understand why no one is taking notice of this, but it is not something to be proud of when no student likes your class. The worst part about this class is that he is a VERY harsh and unfair grader. It is very, very difficult to get a good grade in this class. However, Derrick is very nice as a person because he is helpful and always available when you need his help. He has office hours when you can go meet him to discuss your work, and if he is busy during these hours, he will agree to meet you at another time. In spite of this, those meetings are not very helpful. He will give you various pieces of criticism and comments that he wants you to incorporate in your papers, but when you do, and go meet him again, he will come up with various new pieces of criticisms for the same paper. In short, its very difficult to make him like your work and make him happy. You can edit your paper all you want according to his comments, but he will STILL not give you a good grade. My point: Stay away from his class. It will ruin your GPA.

Jun 2005

The negative things written about Mr. Sage are simply untrue. I have never had a more open-minded, intelligent, involved teacher, and his grad-student status just makes his ability to guide and nurture a class discussion that much more extraordinary. Please don't let yourself be swayed by the bitter reviews of him. He is an excellent person and professor, you would be lucky to take a class with him.