Freshmen Orgo

May 2005

Wow, some really pre-med harshness on SAMES..., he's really not that bad.<P> Good things bout Sames:<br> 1. Breslow has you memorize concepts, Sames makes you understand them and you leave the class with a confident grasp of organic chem.<br> 2. You'll probably bond with your classmates during this class as you will notice people bombing exams our of nowhere. THis is a good opportunity to find a cute girl in the class to study with. Something I should have done.<br> 3. Sames's tests areh tricky, though fair. It might be the second or third one till you know what he's shooting for. There are some shady ass questions though.<br> 4. You only need to study what he covers in class, alot of stuff in the book is never mentioned. And contrary to other's opinions, I didn't buy the other book and I got an A in the class just studying my notes and the problem sets. I don't consider myself a particularly smart or hardworking Columbia student. <P> Things Sames needs to work on:<br> 1. Misses classes periodically and leaves teaching to TA. I don't think Breslow ever missed. Sames just got Tenured and i guess he's pretty busy.<br> 2. Unlike Breslow, Sames is not famous or loaded. he probably will not have as many cool stories.<br> 3. The class is still at 9 am, I went to bed at 4 am every night almost 2nd semester.Brutal morning syndrome<br> 4. If you're like many in my class who thought they were badasses because they never had to work in high school to dominate, drop or start studying ALOT cause Sames doesn't mind giving alot of B's, C's, and D's to some of the brightest chem students in America.<br> 5. Sames is a classic case of someone who's really smart and good in the academic enviornment but just lacks that social ability to function in the real world. He's a DORK.<br> 6. Finally, you'll get a handout at the beginning of the semester that claims that "all students may earn and A". THIS WILL NEVER HAPPEN Overall, i'm very glad i took his class. I had a genuine interest in organic chemistry even though i'll probably never use the stuff again. If you don't have a interest and are just looking for an A-,A, or A+ you probably won't get one.