Acting Chekhov

May 2005

Denny is very approachable and understanding. Shes accomodating to your desires in class and has great intentions to help you improve. However, she certainly wont precisly tell you what she wants from you. She tries to "draw it out" from you, in an almost socratic method of asking you questions. Sometimes its frustrating because you're not sure what to do. Also, this class takes up a LOT of time. Its a 3 hour class and then you have to meet with scene partners for 4 hours outside of class. Trying to coordinate that was a hassle and stressful and in addition to that you spend soooo much time on the material on your own. Its a fun class but takes up a ton of time and effort-- shes also a tough grader so dont expect an A even though you worked your butt off--which is really frustrating.