Lit Hum and British Lit. 1832-1900

Jan 2021

Really great guy, fair grader, highly recommend.

Dec 2016

Reviewing for Lit Hum: I love Professor Mendelson. He is extremely bright, and his brilliant ideas are great. I don't care much for the Core, but I did my work for class (when I easily could have gotten away without doing anything) because I absolutely loved having discussions with this man. He is genuinely caring, and try not to be put off if he doesn't remember your name! He holds to his ideals and is a brilliant, brilliant person. You will be lucky just to have one conversation with him, let alone an entire year of classes. He teaches you to write, and he's so good at what he does. I felt inspired just by being around him. Seriously, seriously my favorite.

Aug 2015

Steve was the best thing that ever happened to me my freshman year. Coming from not a very strong background in literature and being haunted by lithum since receiving my acceptance to Columbia, lithum ended up being my favorite class both semester. Steve is the most understanding and kind professor, while not being a push over. His students respect him and you don't mess around and screws off/dont do the readings because you know you can get away without doing it. I went to steve for everything. office hours are great and make the most of them. even if you don;t have questions about the readings or and essay he loves when students just come by to chat. He is a great person to just chat with when things around school can get really crazy and overwhelming and he is always happy to do so.

Jan 2000

Prof. Dames manages to be both the professor's professor and the student's professor. He balances refined, cerebral lectures with an adroit maneuvering of class discussion and an approachable disposition. When grading papers, he always give students the benefit of the doubt, seemingly reluctant to give B's. He manages to breath life into even the stalest of pieces of Victorian Lit. by exploring issues of genre and social context. I don't think he'll be teaching any more undergrad classes until the 2002-2003 school year, but definitely take one of his classes if you have the chance. Everyone I know who's had him agrees that he's a real gem. In fact, as a professor, he really doesn't have any significant weak spots; I've taken MANY English classes, and I give Prof. Dames higher all-around marks than anyone else.