Intro Lab to Organismal and Evolutionary Biology

Dec 2016

Melissa is a really great lab instructor and I would recommend her to anyone! She is very knowledgeable about the class material and she is really young (she just graduated Barnard I think) so she can help you out with course planning. She gives amazing feedback on all our work and is a really nice grader.

May 2012

When I was first looking at classes I read the below reviews, and was freaking out about taking Dr. Goldstein's class. Thank goodness they were all flat out wrong. I was with her for the Biology Journal Club as well as both lab sections, and I can't explain how nice she was. People think lab was so easy because the material is stupidly simple, but in reality, it was because Dr. Goldstein made everything so abundantly clear that we could grasp what would otherwise be more complex material. She was wonderful at helping us understand the nuances, and really understanding the material. That being said, I missed on lecture for some reason and found the material quite difficult to learn on my own. I wished I had been in lecture that day. That being said, she doesn't yell at you if you leave in the middle of lab. At the review session at the end of the year she specifically told us to leave if we wanted or had other work to do. The lab is easy because she is efficient in teaching, and though the labs themselves were tedious or a bit boring and simplistic, just be thankful they seem that way. Things could be much worse.

Feb 2012

Extremely nice and helpful during his office hours. He was always patients and willing to answer any type of question (that is not a given for all professors). He is a clear lecturer and provided slides which allowed us to spend most of the class paying attention to what he had to say and not worrying about writing everything down. He summarized the textbook information in a clear concise manner and really stressed the important part of the chapters. (In terms of the tests he does ask questions about the reading but not too many that are super random and obscure) Overall, he is a very kind person and a clear teacher. The class is challenging and requires a lot of work but it is fair. (He only taught the class for half of the semester and then switched with Professor Callahan)

Jan 2012

I had Glendinning for Biology 1500 and as a person who is honestly enthusiastic about Biology, I found Glenddining's "assistance" to be quite futile in my academic ventures. Sure, I showed up to 80% of his lectures and payed attention 55% of the time. But to tell you the truth my lack of attention went unpenalized because everything he says is from the textbook. He will stand there with his powerpoint slides and talk about the textbook diagrams and information. The textbook does a great job of explaining itself so Glendinning is just a cute talking head. I honestly enjoyed reading the book! Very informative and thorough. I never had a need to go to his office hours and I never spoke to him personally, but he SEEMS approachable. I mean, lots of people talked to him after class all the time. BOTTOM LINE: Read the text book! (a must). He will say that only 20% of the material on the test is on the text, but since he says exactly whats on it, this is hardly a tip. PS: If any pre-meds are scared of this class and thinking about taking Bio 1001 in order to prepare for this class, DO NOT BOTHER. You will be fine as long as you keep up with the material, trust me. NO need to waste your time. PS2: I don't have anything against the guy. But he's obviously more into his research than teaching.

Dec 2011

Professor Callahan is enthusiastic about Biology and she honestly tries to be as clear as she possibly can. However, it is hard to disengage the subject matter from the personal anecdotes that she is used to making during lecture. I found some of them useless and annoying at times, but the other half of the time, I thought her stories were inspirational. As a person who loves Biology, it was refreshing to have a professor with the same level of interest. If you talk to her during office hours, she will be very helpful and welcoming. I believe people don't like her in class because its 9 am and they are usually too grumpy and sleepy to even give her a chance. At another time of day, I bet most people would find her funny and likable.

Feb 2009

Wanda is a horrible lab professor. With an obvious chip on her shoulder, she obviously believes that not only is she above teaching, she is in every way above you. Asking questions will only end up with her literally laughing in your face and a condescending comment. She does not explain lab procedure clearly enough (she is incredibly long-winded) and she grades much too harshly. When I took my lab report to the head of the department, it was basically her telling me that all the things Wanda marked off for were things that she found no problem with. Wanda even decided that she didn't like the way the head of the department had told us how to cite references and TOOK OFF POINTS FOR THAT TOO. Labs are always hard to reschedule, but if you can, get out of her section.

Dec 2008

Recitation is boring, and generally unhelpful, but you should attend for participation points (on random classes, she will ask you to answer some question from the packet and hand in the page so she can count up who attends). Lab is an easy course, and depending on who you have, you will get out about an hour early (I would suggest Rafalski if you can get her). The quizzes are easy as long as you review the info a bit before taking it, and the worksheets are also not graded very hard. Most labs are pointless, tedious, and boring, and have nothing to do with Hertz's class. Lab reports are graded much harder, and you will get marked down for pointless things. That being said, the midterm and final are pretty fair, and the class is generally a breeze. Goldstein is nice enough, and the instructors are pretty accommodating.