Social Conflict Seminar

Jan 2017

I took this class Fall of 2016 and loved it. It's an easy A if you do the basic work. I skimmed the articles, did the the little paragraph responses and wrote a mediocre paper and got an A. He loves class participation and that'll help you're grade so much if you're struggling.

May 2005

Prof Heuer really knows his stuff and loves what he does. This seminar had a lot of weekly reading and responses, but it was manageable. The class was mainly run by professor Heuer (not the students) who got us started with discussions, and he would often provide personal opinions of the articles. Notably, he always took the time to answer any specific questions that we had and he never forced anyone to speak who didn't volunteer. The final paper assignment was very challenging, but the grading for the class was very fair and generous. I personally did not have an interest in the area of psychology this seminar talked about (justice and fairness), but I still really enjoyed the class, mainly because of the relaxed atmosphere brought into the room by the professor each week (along with the snacks). I would highly recommend this professor to anyone, as well as this seminar.