CC, Topics in ME/S.Asia, Gandhi's India, Problems in Indian National Historiography

Jun 2005

an inspiring scholar, teacher and human being. I've taken all the classes she teaches except her graduate indian aesthetics class and even tahts only because she would'nt let me. I begged and cried. also, she;s the best in office hours, she's inspired me to go to grad school. i'd call her my guru except she's too nice, too willing to take out her classes for dinner and regale us with legends and stories about ed said, too willing to talk about controversial stuff in class and give examples from her personal life. if you're prepared to do fair amounts of reading and come to class on time and stay up, you'll love her classes. if not, she'll bark at you but in her own words, she's a softy at heart and won't ever bite (at your grades).