Seminar: Topics On Problems of Emerging Market Economies

Sep 2005

I thought she was a great prof that was extremely approachable. The class wasn't always that interesting because as it is "Problems of Emerging Markets," she had to cover all the major events, and not all were that interesting. But the paper that you had to write for the class was why the class was good. It gave you an opportunity to research a topic that was fascinating to you and she was pretty lenient on what you could research on, so I liked the class.

Apr 2004

The class is pretty straight forward - the first half is based on the two books that are assigned for the class and are lecture/discussions. The second half is presentations of papers by all students. Although the second half can be at times boring, it's a pretty light course for a seminar. Prof. Desai is very approachable and willing to help you on the paper.

Jan 2000

Though the class was a seminar, it was more like a lecture with 10 people (mostly sipa students). She is incredibly knowledgeable about international politics and has refreshing views on world trade (non-myopic, unlike most economists). We studied 14 countries' recent economic and political reforms in the last 15 years and the troubles they faced going from socialist/planned economies to capitalist/open economies. The last few weeks were spent doing individual presentations to the class describing our final research papers (ex. looking at Brazil's monetary policy) rather than her lectures. The reading was engaging and useful to prepare for the midterm.