Psychology Statistics

Jan 2021

I love Kate! I am NOT a math person and she definitely makes all these stats concepts really understandable and easy to approach. A big contributor to this is that she herself is so easy to approach! She really makes herself available in any way she can and is so accommodating with office hours, email responses, and the amount of help we get. So while the concepts may be challenging at times she's always there to clarify and clarify again if you didn't get it after the 5th time haha. Kate makes stats easy and made me want to continue learning more advanced concepts.

Nov 2020

Easiest class and best professor. For sure take this to fulfill the psych stat requirements for the major and/or the general thinking empirically requirement. She is so straightforward and genuinely wants you to learn. She will answer any questions either during class or during the optional recitation class. She is just a nice and pleasant person

Jan 2020

Kate is amazing!!! She is incredibly kind and friendly. She teaches very clearly and is always willing to take time to explain anything you are struggling with. I was really worried that stats was going to be a hard class but it ended up being extremely manageable and my favorite class. The content was broken up into 3 units. Z-scores, T-tests, and ANOVA. She makes the complicated and intimidating content simple! I personally found the class realllly easy. If you come to every class, pay attention to what Kate says and take notes on the lecture. You will do well. You don't need to even read the text book as long as you take note in class. The assignments are easy As. The tests are not difficult if you study. I never had to spend more than 2 hours studying my note before the exams. She is a fair grader and does not design the tests to trick you. If you are confused about ANYTHING, she will spend as much time as it takes to explain it to you in simple terms until you understand. Awesome teacher, 10/10

May 2017

Do not take this class. Professor Heuer was a very dry lecturer, and did not explain the material for this class at all. Lectures were just him reading off a slideshow that he posts online, so you don't have to show up to class or even recitation. I taught the material to myself from the textbook before each test. It's also hard to do well in this class, because he doesn't do a good job of teaching it. If you're pretty good at math and have no problem teaching yourself the material, you'll be fine and probably do well, since the information isn't that complicated. But if you're worried about being able to keep up with the material and are looking for a professor who will actually explain the material and help you understand the math, this is not the class for you. He's also very forgetful and not very good at answering emails. It's very hard to know how you are doing in this class, because he is very vague about how your score on each test factors into your grade and what he's doing in terms of applying a curve. If you have to take Psych Stats, take it with Professor Zahner, who's meant to be much better and easier to do well in. Do not take it with Professor Heuer.

May 2016

Low key had a girl crush on her....She's a really great TA. Go to her office hours!

Apr 2016

Taylor was so helpful and returned all assignments quickly! She was accessible and provided extra office hours whenever exams were coming up. She knew the material really well and was able to explain concepts easily.

Apr 2016

BEST TA EVER. She was super super helpful and sweet. Go to her office hours,they help so much!

Jun 2014

DO NOT TAKE ANY CLASS WITH HER EVER. EVER. EVER. I had psych stats with her and she is the worst professor I've ever had it was almost unreal. She never was able to explain anything and it was so evident that she had no idea what she was talking about that you couldn't help but pity her. She said on the first day of class that she specializes in developmental psychology but what she really must have beens saying is that she knows absolutely nothing about psychology statistics. She is so incapable of answering questions she would blatantly admit she wouldn't understand what the student was saying and would move on. Sometimes she would avoid asking if we had questions/ going over confusing coursework because she wouldn't be able to answer questions. So we would go on to new material without fully knowing the previous material. All her power points are copied straight from the book that she just reads off. And she goes so fast taking notes is impossible. The only reason i ever went to class ever was to turn in homework that she only graded for completion. Other than that it was the biggest waste of time. she also has the weirdest sense of humor that comes off as rude, sarcastic, and hesitant. I had to learn all the material from the book because words cannot emphasize how little help she was. I scored well above average on all the tests, studied a ridiculous amount, and still ended up getting a B in this class.

Nov 2005

Professor Kenny is so genuine. That is the best word to describe her. She's friendly, genuine and helpful. She understands that Statistics isn't for everyone and tries her best to make the exams manageable for everyone. It's amazing. I know some people find her lectures boring, but I would actually pay attention and find it interesting because of her real-life examples that I could relate to or at least that I could use to connect to the math. If you're really bad at math, then reading each chapter before it's discussed in class is extremely helpful because you'll be prepared with questions and the lecture will reinforce that you've read. If you're awesome with math, then reading before class might make the lecture seen redundant. The exams are fair. The grading is generous. She's very accessible (she gives you her phone number) and she remembers your name and wants to help you out. It's an overall great package, especially since I suck at math.