Nov 2005

It was hard at first to see where this class was going. There were an electic mix of people -- urban studies, political science, sociology -- and sometimes, we would get on rambling discussions that seemed to go no where. Other times, the discussions were really great. It was sort of hit or miss. He definitely encourages discussion, and he'll really listen to what you have to say. Sometimes however, Stark could become a little repetitive. Another downside was that Professor Stark is a very busy man, and he's rather well known. So he's not really accessible. The readings were really great. Everything is cutting edge stuff, taken from sociological journals. Also, although it's titled "Organizations," we spent a lot of time talking about technology and how it influences different kinds of organizations. Overall, I would recommend this class. Stark has some interesting ideas, and despite the glitches, it was worthwhile just for exposure to the content.