Elementary Czech I

Dec 2010

Great class, great professor. I came into the class not knowing any Czech, and left with a remarkable understanding of grammar, culture, and composition. I recommend this class to anyone remotely interested in learning the language. Harwood describes the material with engaging class exercises and assigns challenging assignments. Very demanding workload, not to be taken lightly, but pays off big time. Harwood knows all there is to know about grammar and can answer any question that comes up in and out of class. In addition, he encourages attending Czech conversation hour, where discussion is practiced in live situations.

Dec 2005

Unless you've steeled yourself for the challenge, and/or somehow know you have latent linguistic ability, Czech is probably not a good first foreign language to study (because of its complexity). But Jeff is an EXCELLENT teacher: organized, focused, patient, witty, and genuinely interested in seeing his students wrap their heads around the language. The homework is light but effective for getting repetitive practice of the concepts, which are reinforced in class before and after assignments. Occasional pop quiz on vocab. No surprises on the exams. If you want to learn Czech, count yourself lucky to be at an institution that teaches it and teaches it well. Absolutely take this class.