Sculpture Fundamentals

Jan 2018

For the love of god, save yourself from this professor. I have never met someone as arrogant and rude to everyone in the class as Jon Kessler.

Apr 2006

This class was awesome. Not only were we encouraged to throw modeling clay on the first day of class but as long as you were serious, you could do what ever the hell you wanted to do. Lisi is really generous with her feedback and helped me understand things about three dimensional forms that I wasn't getting. The class was a lot more work than I expected though - so if you do it, be prepared to work at least 5 or more hours outside of class.

Jan 2006

Christie was a mixed bag. Generally i liked the class because we had good chemistry, although the six hours could be long at times. She is laid back, although I was often unsure of whether she completely hated what I was working on. She was creative and open to new ideas, and even joked around with us sometimes. As a potential visual arts major, I would have to liked to have more feedback and depth in the discussions-everything seemed kind of shallow. Prentis was a lot of fun, and even if she's not the best teacher ever, the class was definitely worthwhile.

Dec 2005

it's hard not to take jon's words personally, even when they aren't meant to be. i think he can be a little rough and self-absorbed for an intro class. he knows what he's talking about and there are no sculpture-related questions you can ask that he can't answer, but still, that's true of any professor at columbia. don't take kessler's class expecting to make a bond with the prof or impress just won't happen. frankly, i wish i had taken the class with an adjunct. he made me scared to go to class.

Aug 2005

Derrick is, hands down, the coolest professor I've had at Columbia. There is some outside work that he requires, but its really not too time-consuming. The midterm and final consist of portfolio reviews - laid back, quick discussions. The class atmosphere is chill. We listened to music while working on our projects. Derrick is easy to talk to, and he mainly wants you to be as creative as possible. If its obvious that you have not spent hours and hours on a given project, he doesn't care, as long as its creative.

Nov 2003

I know this is a required course for Visual Arts students but I'd be begging for this class anyway with this guy. He KNOWS everything there is to know about the materials he's working with or his students could potentially be working with. Today we had a discussion about Lord of the Rings while he helped us with our final projects. Now I'm a powertooling queen. You want an indept survey course, he's your guy. Wood, Metal, Plaster, Wax, Clay - you name he's got it and there's lots of room for individual ideas.

Jan 2003

Get ready for some (laid back) fun! Andrew is one of the most chill professors you will meet in this department. He encourages everyone to attempt the things they think they can't possibly do by always saying "Sure, no problem. Easy." Going to class is a pleasure. You create the amount of work for yourself. do as much or as little as you want, but do know that he notices. A real asset to the department.

May 2002

Allison is a great professor. She makes class fun, and she is incredibly enjoyable and cool. There is a lot of leniency with projects, and the assignments are pretty cool as well. She makes studio time fun, and critiques as well. She rocks!

Jan 2000

mazing, Amazing, Amazing is what Allison is, I can't express enough what a great professor she is. She is really relaxed and down to earth and really sweet adn funny. She has great ideas about art and her approach to it is really scocially conciouse and very laid back. I loved her class so if you get an oportunity TAKE IT!