Mechanical Engineering Lab I

Aug 2015

Professor Kysar is a wonderful professor to have and teaches with clarity and passion. He really cares about his students and the previous reviews sum him up very well.

Jan 2011

Ines is pretty good at conveying the lecture part of this class. Her notes are well organized and quite readable. Only the statistics part of lecture is on the test. In lab itself, she is not helpful at all. Any technical question you have will be referred to Bob. You should avoid interacting with Ines in lab because she mostly tells you you're doing it wrong and costs you time. Generally the way you were doing it worked fine, but now you have to spend another half hour doing it again.

Jan 2006

Professor Kysar genuinely takes an interest in students and their sucess in his class. He would always make room in his schedule to answer student questions and make sure they acutally understood the material. Bummer that he doesn't teach any further undergrad classes, as he's probably the nicest teacher at Columbia.

Dec 2005

Professor Kysar is extremely passionate about both his field of study and education. He cares a lot for his students, and makes a lot of effort to ensure that students understand the material. All the lectures are at the start of semester, and its easy to lose concentration in 3 hour lectures. But this is just how the course is structured. Its hard to find Professors in Columbia that are willing to go the extra mile for their students, and Professor Kysar is one of them.

Sep 2005

one of things i don't like his class is that he always teach some stuff that you can't find in the textbook, and what that means is that in order to do well, you would have to go to his lectures, pay attention, take notes and not fall asleep. However, speaking of Prof. Kysar's own character and capability, he is recognized as, without a doubt, one of nicest profs at CU.