Comprehensive Elementary Spanish, Fall 2005

Dec 2005

Overall, Pepe is a good profesor. Yes, he can be a bit gruff, especially in the beginning of the semester, but we all got used to him and had a good time. We actually had a lot of laughs in this class, and I cannot say that for my other four classes this semester. We also learned a great deal of Spanish. This course has a LOT of work to do. Lots of exams and compositions, a mid term, an oral final and a written final. Pepe checks homework, and he takes attendance every class. Pepe is fair, he sticks to the schedule like clockwork, and you are either prepared or not. It is better if you are prepard. His teaching style is not incredibly creative, but there is too much material in one semester to get it all in any other way. I can honestly say that I always looked forward to going to this class, and I think that the other students who stuck through it felt the same way.