conversational spanish I

Dec 2005

Gina is a typical product of american liberal higher education. As are we all. She's cultured, intelligent, interesting, ultra liberal, and...disgruntled with the system. Casa hispanica is a department lacking a pulse. Wouldnt you be unorginized and uninterested? You have this phenomenal education and want to teach spanish literature to eager students...and instad, you get to teach elementary spanish to a bunch of spoiled brats who are taking spanish because it is easy and moan about the class being too late/early in the day. Usually her students are either know it alls (with crappy spanish) or kids who could care less and do nothing. She's very understanding. People who abuse that generosity got caught with a nasty grade. But dont worry - shes out to get her PhD so she can finally teach what she wants - so none of you will probably have to worry about getting her anymore.