North American Border Narratives

Dec 2005

This was an American Studies seminar, but as Prof. Adams is in the English Dept. it was more geared towards literature than a historical or political focus. The class was divided into two sections: one on the US/Mexico border and one on the US/Canada border, and I really liked the fact that we got to read books that one wouldn't normally think of, especially with regard to Canada. Prof. Adams has a really good handle on the texts and incorporated issues of race, sexuality, gender, class, and politics into the overall question of "borders" and what defines a border. She did an excellent job teaching the material and clearly was invested in what we read and in the class discussions. The class did a great job of responding to the issues in the texts that we read and I feel as though I learned a lot about the issues of borders in contemporary transnational America, in large part due to Prof. Adams' great skill as a teacher.