Theories of Disobedience

Dec 2005

This was a wonderful class and vindicated a mostly academically lackluster first semester at Columbia. Professor Laudani (henceforth referred to as Raffaele) is an extremely motivated scholar-activist, and despite language problems (he is Italian and speaks with a fairly thick accent) was able to infuse most of the lectures with vitality and wit. He is extremely interested in motivating students, and met with me frequently outside of class to discuss politics and life, in addition to hosting a short-lived film series on disobedience. The major problem with the course is that too much time was given over to student presentations, which (although I myself delivered one) were usually boring and far less interesting than Raffaele's lectures. Additionally, his lectures were sometimes simply too long, and he did tend to repeat the same point over and over from time to time. When he was on, however, his lectures were wildly fascinating. Although he has probably returned to Italy now, he is HIGHLY recommended.