CHEM 3045 (Orgo for Freshmen)

Dec 2005

I took this class because I got a 5 on the AP, and I thought I wanted to major in chem (I thought I enjoyed it -- I was obsessed with chemistry in high school). I'm also premed. WOW -- I didn't realize how awful this class would be. Breslow can't teach and the book is awful. If you're premed, take gen chem, get an A+, and take orgo as a junior when you're not competing against the brightest chem kids (mostly engineers) in the university. I changed my major just a few weeks into the course. It's really not that easy to get an A in this class, either. While there is a curve, the averages on tests are usually in the low 70s, and it's because Breslow didn't teach anything. Just memorize the homework questions and answers.