19th Century British Literature

Sep 2019

Professor Marcus gives lectures that make you never want to leave class. At the end of a very stressful semester, my notebook from her class was the only notebook I didn't throw out. Her lectures are so organized but never dry and she knows her stuff. It didn't hit me until I took her class how important context is to unpacking any work of literature. I loved that she took just enough time to go over the most important pieces of context we needed before diving into lecture. Despite the class being a lecture, I didn't feel as though she gave away "everything" at all. She leaves a lot of room for students to pick their own topic in order to close read for their essays. (The TA was also very wonderful so it was a plus.)

Jan 2000

"The Nickster," as he came to be called in my Lit Hum class, is one of the friendliest, most intelligent people I've ever met. Totally devoted to his classes, has an amazing command of British literature. Bring up Austen and watch him go...his lectures are articulate and complex enough to be studied in a class of their own, but he's more than open to comment, dissent, or questions...will explain the dirtiest pun in the Lysistrata or the sociological implications of Jude the Obscure with equal adroitness. I've had a class with him every semester since I got here; don't know what I'll do when I run out of options!

Jan 2000

Enthralling lecturer. At times witty, and always incisive, Dames' lectures are well-organized and interesting. He is a master of British literature and is passionate about it, and best of all, he inspires students to feel the same. The only downsides are: his grading is a bit uneven and students might find it unfair that he usually criticizes what he feels is missing in a paper, rather than grading for what is there. Your grade will always improve if you see him or a TA before a paper is due. For non-English majors, I'd recommend taking the class pass-fail, just to enjoy his lectures.