Jewish American Women Writers before WWII

Jan 2006

A truly amazing, inspiring professor. Prof Klepfisz is quite humble, and is just a very smart and articulate woman with an incredibly diverse base of experiences, contacts, and opinions. The class was a small seminar, all female, and consisted almost entirely of Jewish women. The reading list was full of stuff that I would have never read on my own but that served to give dimension and texture to the Jewish American experience in the late 1800s and early 1900s. For anyone, a truly illuminating treatment of a less known slice of our history. I took this class to fulfill an English requirement, and it is very much an English/Women's Studies hybrid. The work-load is fairly high - you will read a novel or several short stories every week and either prepare a short response paper, a longer paper (4x), or a presentation for the class (1x). The grading is very fair and unbloated, and will make you want to work hard to create the most clear, concise, and intelligent writing you are capable of. In order to get more context on Professor Klepfisz's fabulousness, I would suggest checking out and reading some of her interesting and thoughtful essays and poems before you enroll in this class.