Third-Year Grammar and Composition

Jan 2015

For people who wish to improve their French writing skills, you should definitely take Pascale's class! It may seem overwhelming at first, but if you put in the effort, you will see the results. She's not really strict about grades or deadline, but she's really dedicated to improving her students' writing skills. And thanks to her help, my French improved to a different level and I'm confident that I want to pursue a degree in French. Your work pays off in this class.

Jan 2011

Each class is mainly composed of going over grammar rules, which can get quite tedious and boring. Mack shows up to class with a strict lesson plan, and he doesn't deviate from it. It's sometimes annoying when he can't answer a question, but he always looks the information up and gets back to you. Mack cares a lot for his students and is really pleasant to talk to. He reads papers quickly and gives feedback well. Overall, I would recommend the teacher but not the class.

May 2009

I went into this course thinking that it could be a painfully dull review of the grammar that i have struggled with ever since i started learning french. however, it turned out to be more of a lit class and was very enjoyable. professor knudsen stresses learning more than grades and is very approachable as well as intelligent.

May 2006

Isabelle expects a lot from her students, and this is not an easy class. That being said, she puts at least as much work into the class as each student does. She was always prepared with enough to do, she explained grammatical nuances very well, delved deep into the texts that we were writing papers on during class time so we understood them, and always went over the homework and explained anything anyone had trouble with. She gave back compositions the next class with thorough corrections and comments, and responded to email questions promptly. Isabelle expects everyone to be in class prepared - with all the homework done - and on time. There is a lot of vocabulary and grammar to memorize, and she expects you to be able to use what she teaches you - even some of the more minute details - on quizzes and tests. Some of her assignments - fiches de corrections- are frustrating because it seems as though she is trying to make you feel stupid and prove that you don't know french, but they are really helpful, and she repeats the same mistakes on the sheets so you get practice with them. She truly loves explaining grammar and differences in vocabulary and preposition choices/meanings, and she teaches you how to think and write in French instead of translating from English. Overall, she is an amazing instructor, very dedicated, and she puts a ton of work into the course and her students. She really wants you to learn, and she gives you the tools to do well.

Jan 2006

Heidi is a wonderful teacher. She spends a lot of time reviewing your writing and telling you exactly what it is that could make it better, and also if a point of question comes up in class always makes a point to go over it or find out the answer after class and e-mail it. She is fair about grading, about re-testing, and work. The class itself is a good class for those who are interested in french; some classes can be pretty boring as they are only reviewing grammar worksheets or talking about books (which is difficult to stay awake for if you haven't read the books; but most of the readings are worth doing if you enjoy french). This is a great class if you care about improving your French; Heidi definitely helps with that a lot