Beginner 1& 2, Intermediate 1&2 Spanish

Feb 2011

Xavier Vila is absolutely a god. If you are in his class, you are SO! SOOO! SOOOO! fortunate. DO NOT SWITCH for any other section. Classes are entirely based on the discussions the class wants to have (it is a class focused on conversation). Xavier is more concerned about beauty and fun and the things that really matter in the long run of life outside of Columbia. I really want to be his friend more than anything. The homework is ONE WEEKLY PAPER. ONE! ONE!!! That is VASTLY less work than you will encounter in any other Spanish section. Studying for the final and the midterm is up to you, however. If you do the exercises in the blue workbook for whatever three chapters you're studying (just go do them in a room in Butler for an hour, for the love of God) and just copy the yellow pages/vocab from the textbook. That's how you make an A. That's the end of that. Enjoy life.

Jan 2006

Prof. Polise is the BEST Spanish Language Prof Columbia has to offer!!! Take her class. You will not regret it! That's why her nickname is "La Prof."