Short Latin American Fiction

Jan 2006

The best parts about Prof Mac Adam are that he's got a sense of humor and that he's not the harshest grader I've ever had (I thought he would be because he's department head and he seems like he would grade a lot harder than he does in reality). he's really flexible about deadlines (just don't spring it on him) and he's always in his office hours. Also worth noting: Mac Adam is kind of crazy (like most intellectuals, I assume). He seems to be an absolute authority on anything ever published in Spanish and can (and does) outline the entire life of many authors we studied. He loves to lecture and doesn't really make a lot of room for discussion (but maybe that's good, since we as students know so little comparitively). The haters in the class pegged him as egoistic, but he's just really well- studied. In any case, he's got the creditials to back himself up - translating shitloads of stuff (just try him on google or amazon) and got his doctorate from princeton. I'd recommend taking his class when you can afford to do the reading (lots) and go to his classes. It is a lot of work, but he's stellar and the curriculum is great. Worth it.