Major American Authors

Jan 2006

Prof. Claybaugh singlehandedly validates the study of literature. She is, quite simply, astoundingly brilliant, and made our seminar into the most intensive and rewarding lit class I've taken here. Any professor who can make Nathaniel Hawthorne seem new and exciting is doing something really amazing. As a seminar she completely managed to provide her own insights and encourage student discussion - I never felt like anyone was monopolizing class time, although I could definitely watch her draw character diagrams on the chalkboard for hours. She has an endearing sense of humor and a very warm personality. I don't agree with reviewers who called her "pedantic" or "pretentious", although she definitely does not stand for wasting time or intellectual laziness. This class pushed me more than any other in terms of making connections and observations, and Prof. Claybaugh really nurtured an open environment of intellectualism. I'm in awe of her brilliant insights and her desire to encourage her students' intellectual development, as well as her dedication to her classes. I could go on, but any English major who doesn't take a class with Prof. Claybaugh is doing themselves a disservice. If you're willing to do the mental work necessary for her classes, the rewards are quite worth it. She completely deserves the awards that she's won, and hopefully she'll stay at CU for many years.